About Us

Ms.Pari Talati  - Integrated Healer & Therapist 

Theta Healer, Past Life Regression Practitioner, Access Bar Practitioner, Sound Healer, Fitness & Obesity Consultant, Pyra vastu Consultant, Tarot Card Reader & Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)

Pari is  having two decade of learning and practice in natural healing methods.

She  has discovered how to integrate all her learning to help other people with different needs. She has also  experience in working with varied disorders of emotional and physical origin. She has worked with various clients disorders like high blood pressure, high lipids, stress, digestive disturbances; behavioral disorders like split personality, depression; diabetes; arthritis; cancer; children with developmental disorders; addictions; buses, trauma, fears and phobias related to height & water, exam fears, weight reduction & obesity, memory enhancements etc. 

She use all the modalities of healing that she know in helping her  clients regain their health in mind and body. This is designed according to the requirements and preferences of each person, keeping in mind their special needs.

She helped many clients with troubled relationships, relationship issues with parents, spouses, partners, siblings, children, in-laws, friends, colleagues, etc. She also works with clients wanting to bring in more PROSPERITY , LUCK and MONEY in their lives.

She enjoy her profession of helping people  because it gives her an opportunity to show each person how special they are in their own way. Watching people change and accept their own power to recreate their life is very joyful and uplifting. She believe there is immense unexplored potential waiting to be tapped in each human being, and each one can be guided to explore and harness this power in the highest and best way.

Her  goal is to empower people by helping  them to uncover what keeps them from having all that they want in life and guide them to reach their true potential and create a life of their dreams.

Her  objective is to generate and balance positive energy for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth which leads to guaranteed success through various techniques.  

She is  willing to travel and teach and she is acquainted with English, Hindi and Gujarati languages.

Lets the God’s energy is reaching to all human being in highest & best way.

Love, Light and Gratitude........