Clients Speaks

She is a Gods sent healer to me. I have been praying to god to give me some directions and meaning of life. I never wanted to live like insects or animals. One day we came in contact and the healing process started. I was loaded with so many negativities and negative experiences that I had almost forgotten myself. Was lacking in confidence, full of anger, frustration, hopelessness, resentments, guilt’s and lots of other accumulations since last 8 to 10 years.
Now I have found my spiritual healer. I am confidant that under her carrying, loving, affectionate guidance I too will reach my purpose of life and do something unique.
Now I have good control over my anger, have balanced ego, have forgotten resentments for my parents. I take up more responsibilities of life with joy now and take life more positively.


Though various techniques taught by Ms Pari, I have reduced 4 kegs of weight in only one month. Through healings I feel mentally calmer, cool and am able to tackle difficult situations easily. There is a considerable level of depression which used to bother me a lots before. Now I have become more energetic and spiritual end there is increase in self confidence and ability to face life better.
I am really thankful to Ms PARI for her efforts. Now I can live my life More happily and lively.


I used to be mentally very disturbed at the initial years of my career. I used to look out for jobs and work every moments of my life and was very upset with my career life. I used to suffer lots as my memory was very weak.
After the use of PYRA CARDS suggested by PARI as if my life has changed. I have now started taking the life very easily. I am able to settle well with my parents. Am also able to remember the things and recall them on time. Life feels peaceful now.
Thank you PARI


  1. Theta healing is a wonderful alternate healing therapy and a wonderful experience to me.
  2. The benefits which I have received are marvelous and I strongly recommend it to those who are ready for a change in life.
  3. It has helped me to remove all my negative feelings like REGRETS, GUILTS, GRUDGES, ANDGER, and FRUSTRATION etc.
  4. I am more CALM and CONFIDANT now.
  5. I feel that new avenues of HOPEFULLNESS & ENTHUSIASM in life have come up.
  6. This healing helps in reprogramming of your complete subconscious mind, where at the end you get a new life.
  7. My relationships with the family and external world have been redefined now.

I am really really thankful and happy to receive creators love and guidance through this technique.


I have been using & charging “LUCK & FORTUNE CARD” regularly which really help me to enhance my luck. With the help of  “CONCENTRATION CARD” I have been able to gather enough concentration in my studies & improve my focus towards my goals.

Now I have already got thru for my further studies.

Thanks to PYRA CARDS & Ms.Pari for her timely support & guidance which indeed change my life.

MR.FAREDOON HAVEWALA (65, Retired & Teacher, Ahmedabad)

It is my immense pleasure to express my experience with PYRA CARDS which help me to remove old age phobias & gave me relaxation with great peace of mind.   
As a healer, Ms.Pari has great intuitive & spiritual power which I have experienced during my THETA HEALING session. My asthma problem got eradicated permanently thru regular session of healing. Now I am fit & fine become more positive & enjoying my life. 

With concept of PYRA FIRE & PYRAMID ENERGY concept I have enhanced the positive energy of my house atmosphere which brings, prosper, happiness, health & joy in my family. 

Ms.Pari has done makeover of my life. May God bless her & Thank you from bottom of my heart……

MS.RUCHITA PAREKH (30,Vedi Match Instructor, Ahmedabad)

By meeting Ms.Pari, always given me positive feeling. She is inspiration model for me all the time.  Where I got struck, Ms.Pari helps me to find out right way with right solution.

The LUCK CARD, introduced by Ms.Pari, really brought luck into my life. Thru regular charging of my LUCK CARD, I look up to the step in exploring totally new field of education, luckily people started acknowledging me as good instructor.


Ms. Pari, I believe she is truly born for spiritual activities. Her passion & dedication towards her activities, her in depth involvement to identify the real problem, her intuitive & spiritual senses which support people  easily to go the roots of problem convince me that she make difference to the world.

Being a Healer, I would rate Ms.Pari, exceptionally well. During my THETA HEALING EXPERIENCE, she literally pulled out my negative thoughts, negative belief & I felt as if somebody is doing cleansing of mind.

A year back Ms.Pari suggested about Fortune Seat and believes me it’s really bringing fortune to my life / job.  My Fortune Seat experience brought amazing / extraordinary results.  Its help me to achieve my professional target of hiring 300 people in a years time.  Fortune Seat always helps me to find out the way.

PYRA CARDS, Pyramid energy, introduced by Ms.Pari, in true sense enhanced my lack, my energy & vitality, my career prospect.

In one word, Ms.Pari is an angel, a miraculous lady who really really brought love, peace, happiness, growth, harmony, humbleness, abundance & inner joy to my life.

Many Many Thanks PARI ………………